‘Stretch, smile and grow...’

Flower Power Book began its journey eleven years ago with the creation of the picture storybook, songs and music, and has grown, thanks to the support and encouragement of a great many people, into the resource that you find available here today.

The original intention was to create something beautiful for children - a picture storybook with hand-drawn illustrations that they could simply enjoy looking at; to encourage children to notice and enjoy the natural world around them and to enjoy their own creativity by having a go at drawing and colouring.


The original intention within the story itself was to encourage children:

  • to know that they are unique, enough and of great value just as they are.
  • to encourage them to persevere – to ‘stretch, smile and grow’ - compassionate, enthusiastic and resilient to whatever challenges they meet in life.
  • to reassure them that they can recover from knock-backs great and small, and that help is always at hand in some way, shape or form.
  • to never give up on their hopes and dreams.

These original intentions remain, and always will remain, at the heart of Flower Power Book.

The aim of Flower Power Book is to connect as many children as possible with the positive message of the Flower Power! picture storybook and songs.


Our overarching goal is to provide encouragement, nurturing activities and curriculum enrichment for children, most especially to support their mental and emotional health and wellbeing as they learn about and engage with the challenges faced by the character of the Little Flower in the garden - the hardships endured, overcome through their own resilience and the loving kindness of others.

Our hope is to support teachers in schools - and parents and carers in the home - by providing resources that are accessible and enjoyable to use, to help them to open up conversations with children to explore what it means to be emotionally healthy and to raise funds to support other charities who work for the wellbeing of children and young people through our efforts. We provide a range of resources that are free to all and seek to keep our charges for other materials as low as possible in order to support as many teachers, parents and children as possible.

"Flower Power! is a book that everyone can read - it hits home for a lot of people - as people are reading it they can say: 'That's my story and I can stretch, smile and grow from that.' The other aspect of it is that it is a really nice book for children. We have had such a good experience with this book - the pictures, the wording, the music - it's amazing how it has all been put together." May, Level 2 Performing Arts Student, Burton & South Debyshire College.